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DELTA SALES AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT : ☎ 080 42100546, 📱+91 7760459320 | All Days 9:00am - 9:00pm
DELTA SALES AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT : ☎ 080 42100546, 📱+91 7760459320 | All Days 9:00am - 9:00pm

Delta DVP12SA211T

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Slimline Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Deltas high-performance, high-speed DVP series PLCs are the most efficient and incorporates communication capabilities. Advantages include numerous built-in convenient commands for easy operation access and communication function monitoring. The module-type unit affords tremendous space-saving, allowing simple, clip-on expansion possibilities. The PLCs high performance and extensive I/O units represent a high-value solution for machine control and industrial automation.

Common characteristics

Adopts 32-bit CPU
Clip-on extension modules- general (right side)
Plug-in terminals for ease of wiring and maintenance
Compact dimensions (H) 90 mm x (D) 60 mm DIN rail mounting
Built-in high speed counters up to 100 - 200 kHz (model dependant)
Dual communication ports RS232 and RS485 MODBUS ASCII/RTU compatible
Program language: (IL) instruction list, (LD) ladder diagram, (SFC) sequential function chart
SA2 series advanced compact slim PLC

SA2 series slim type PLC offers larger program capacity and executing efficiency, offering 100 kHz high-speed output and counting functions. It is expandable with DVP-S series left-side and right-side extension modules.

Key features:

Supports 2-axis linear and arc interpolation
Program capacity: 16k steps / Data register: 10k word
4 sets of of high speed pulse output (2 x 100kHz / 2 x 10kHz)
MPU points: 12 points (8DI + 4DO) expandable to 492 I/O points
Supports DVP-S series left-side (high speed) expansion modules
Supports standard MODBUS ASCII/RTU protocol and PLC link function
No battery required, maintenance free (RTC operates for 15 days after power off)
8 sets of high speed counters (2 x 100kHz / 6 x 10kHz) 1 set of A/B phase 50kHz
SERIES SA2 series
DESCRIPTION Compact ultra slim PLC
WIDTH (MM) 37.4
OUTPUT TYPE Transistor