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PHOENIX TECHNOLOGIES, BANGALORE | ☎ 080 42100546 📞7760459320

Mitsubishi FR-A800 Series

FR-A800 series

High-functionality, high-performance inverter

  •  · Realize even higher responsiveness during real sensor-less vector control or vector control, and achieve faster operating frequencies.
  •  · The latest automatic tuning function supports various induction motors and also sensor-less PM motors.
  •  · The standard model is compatible with EU Safety Standards STO (PLd, SIL2). Add options to support higher level safety standards.
  •  · Control and monitor inverters via CC-Link/CC-Link IE Field Network (option interface).
Inverter capacity 200V class: 0.4kW to 90kW, 400V class: 0.4kW to 500kW
Control method High-carrier frequency PWM control (Select from V/F, advanced magnetic flux vector, real sensorless vector or PM sensorless vector control), vector control (when using options)
Output frequency range 0.2 to 590Hz (upper limit is 400Hz when using advanced magnetic flux vector control, real sensorless vector control, vector control or PM sensorless vector control)
Regenerative braking torque
(Maximum allowable duty)
200V class: 0.4K to 1.5K (150% at 3%ED) 2.2K/3.7K (100% at 3%ED) 5.5K/7.5K (100% at 2%ED) 11K to 55K (20% continuous) 75K or more (10% continuous), 400V class: 0.4K to 7.5K (100% at 2%ED) 11K to 55K (20% continuous) 75K or more (10% continuous)
Starting torque 200% 0.3Hz (3.7K or less), 150% 0.3Hz (5.5K or more) (when using real sensorless vector, vector control)